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Electricity's dirty little secret

The effect of combining electricity with today's technology can be devastating to some and cause health problems to others.

I remember the first time I walked into a restaurant that had wireless technology. I was estastic because I could hop on the internet with my laptop. I remember the first time I used a cordless. I was glad that I could walk around the house without being "tied to the wall". I remember the first time I used a cell phone. After using if for only a day I thought "Who needs a home phone when you can have a cell phone?" I promptly got rid of my home phone.

Wireless technology is so widespread today that you can turn on a laptop or computer with a wireless feature and it'll "jump" on the internet, even in some people's home that have not set up internet service. Even parks are installing wireless. As a matter of fact, the attitude appears to be, if you're not "wired" then you're doing a disservice to your community.

The Hi-fi world we live in today has opened up a can of worms. Something we have lived with our entire lives, electricity, has a "dirty little secrete". It's called "dirty electricity" by some and "stray voltage" by others, and aside from the fact that you can have unwanted electricity flowing through your body, it generates something called electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). The electric industry and the wireless/electronic technologies are in fact, separate industries. The result of ineffectively combining the two? Problems.

Being exposed to too much electricity/EMFs/wireless, at is worse, can make you develop an electrical disease, commonly known as EHS. It goes by several aliases, including electrohypersensitivity (name for Sweden, USA), also known as electrical hypersensitivy (name for Sweden), also known as electrosensitivity (name for USA) also known as radiofrequency sickness syndrome (name for Russia), also known as radio wave sickness (name for the USA), also known as microwave syndrome (name for Spain), also known as microwave sickness (name for Germany, Russia). Despite the many names it is called, the results are all the same-you become allergic to electricity and wireless technology. It sees no boundaries, does not discrimate between race or sex, and crosses professional lines, and quite frankly, has some doctors "stumped". It is also suggested that this situation is more widespread than we realize, and some doctors are treating patients for one illness, when the real culprit is their electrical environment. Also, when doctors and scientist are personally affected by electrical pollution, you can rest assure the situation is more likely to brought to light. To date, the only treatment for EHS is avoidance.

If you're thinking "Why haven't I heard about it?" join the many others who have not. How real is it? Very. Consider the following examples:

-Dr. William Rae, ex surgeon in Dallas Texas, developed EHS and now shares his knowledge with others: You can review it here

-In Sweden, they have an epidemic of people affected by electricity/EMF. Now it is designated as a disability. If you want to review some of the many cases (and there are a huge number of them) in Sweden, email me and I'll send you the document. Sweden has a ten year technological "jump" on the U.S., that's why EHS/EMF disease is more prevalent there. The U.S. appears to be quite uninformed of of this issue, but it is estimated that a small percentage of people in the U.S. may have underlying sensitivities to electrical and magnetic fields.

-Electrohypersensitivity can be so strong for some people, a cell phone can make them pass out.

-Review this victim's story:

-You can review Dr. Lisa Nagy, MD, another victim of EHS here:

-Another victim, Andrew Washington, says: "I'm a 39-yr old IT Manager who's developed EHS after years of working on the top floor of a steel framed 150m from a mobile phone mast. Two weeks ago I hadn't heard of this but now when I am exposed I feel like I'm in a microwave."

-"Radio wave sickness" apparently ruined this person's medical career:

The British Government has joined Sweden in recognizing EHS is a real illness:

You can read a brief report on how I personally developed EHS myself under "My story".

And so on, and so on...

Why go through the trouble of checking out your electrical environment? As you can see from some of the examples above, the amount of electrical activity in the air is making some people sick. The list of symptoms caused by this is growing.

The more "techno savy" your home (or work), the more chance you may have of interrupted something that some electrician went through much care to set right: the electrical environment of your home. Sometimes, your workplace can be the culprit. In some unfortunate, they have a combination of problems, both at home and at work.

With the addition of the wireless technology, which is soaring, electricians can't keep up with the pace. Many people are unaware that they may have a problem. The electrical infrastructure of most cities we live in today were not designed to accomodate the massive of amount of electronics and wireless devices plugged into them. Many of these devices create alot of background radio "noise". In a home or workplace that is electrically unstable, stray voltage is commonly found. A surge protector is of little use if the problem is over the entire home or workspace, and is only designed to protect the device that is plugged into it. It will not protect you from the effects of wireless, nor will it protect you from stray voltage. Wireless devices, although not directly connected, are adding to the effect. Electrical problems at home or work can originate from the outside, such as a leaky power line, a neutral, a or even your neighbor, or can develop on the inside from a fault in your circutry.

What can you do?

There are some things you can do to decrease your chances of creating an unstable environment in your home, and possibly stave off the harmful effects of electricity and wireless. Here is some steps you can take at home:

-Think twice about having a combination of dimmer switches and lots of high tech devices plugged up in your home

-Inspect your home with your own EMF meter, or have your home inspected by an expert in electricity and EMF emissions. An electrician who also has EMF knowledge can be very useful.

-If you live in a place where you can look through the front door and out of the back door, this design, especially, has been shown to create problems.

-Don't live or work longterm, too close to cell phone masts, or the antennaes designed to magnify their signals. If you live very close to a cell phone mast, this is the one situation where it may be in your best interest to move, as it is a very difficult situation to correct. Antennaes are commonly found on rooftops of buildings and persons on the top floor, or who work directly under them are more likely to be affected. Cell phones masts, also known as base stations, may be found anywhere. Some countries have begun to disguise them as flagpoles, chimneys, etc. due to backlash from communities that accuse them of causing their health problems. How close is too close? One study apparently showed that at 400 meters for long term exposure for persons who lived near a cell phone masts, which emits much greater energy than antennae, there was a 3-fold risk of cancer. At 350 meters the risk jumped to a ten-fold increase, and that people living within 400 yards of a cell phone masts had high rates of cancer, brain hemorrhages, and high blood pressure. Another study demonstrated that health affects can eventually arise in some by living just a quarter of a mile from a cell phone mast. If you are in a situation where you are close to a cell tower, perhaps it is not something you want to do long term as the microwaves create high amounts of EMFs.

-If you find that you have an electrical problem, investigate the use of Graham-Stetzer filters.

With today's technology it may be best to own a device called a handheld Trifield meter, which can pick up both electrical surges in the air as well as EMFs (for more information about this device, see "Radiate Me"). For a smaller group of individuals, these individuals may become sensitized after longterm exposure to either, in which case all sources of EMFs and electricity can become problematic. Although the work environment is important, the home environment is where we sleep and special care should be taken to ensure that it is safe. If dirty power is a factor in the home or work environment, it may multiply the adverse health effects of cell phone masts, attennaes, the use of electrical equipment, and even your own car.


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