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Radiate Me

You will be surprised at how much EMF/microwaves you're really hit with each day.

Have you ever heard of someone who has been exposed to too many X-rays? Do you use your cell phone and drive at the same time? Are you eager to get as many frequent flyer miles as you can? Is your cordless telephone on a stand next to your bed? Do you even have a passive knowledge of the environment of where you live? Does it really matter? Well, all you have to do is meet someone who has been "zapped" too many times, and they will assure that it does matter. There is a strange disease emerging in the U.S., that very few doctors are only just beginning to become aware of. It is called "electromagnetic sickness".

What is electromagnetic sickness? Electromagnetic sickness is the result of a human being exposed to too many electromagnetic fields (EMFs), too much ionic radiation (IR), or a combination of both. It is also called "microwave sickness" In these persons, the exposure has reached the point where the body is no longer able to neutralize incoming EMFs and IR, and they can actually "feel it". What has occured is, the immune system has begun to become dysfunctional because it has been subjected to "severe electromagnetic stress". The fact that such a phenomenom even exist may sound strange, but as you read on, will see that this can happen to just about anybody. No one is totally immune to the effects of EMFs. Do to differences in our makeup, lifestyle, and health status, some of us are simply more vunerable than others. Even the most robust and healthy persons in the world have their limit, and are still affected. believe everyone should avoid sources of radiation and EMFs as much as possible, but this is especially important for any one who is chronically ill, as the immune system plays a huge role in all chronic disease.

When we think of putting something in our bodies, we think of the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and even our thoughts. The reason is these are tangible things that we are aware of, and we have a great deal of control over them. When it comes to our knowledge about EMFs, many of us would be lucky to even know what it stands for, but at most, we are simply aware that it exists. That is because we really don't understand it, and do not understand how it affects the body. To top it off, we cannot "see it". Or can we? A couple of years ago, I purchased a device called a Trifield meter. This device, allows you to indirectly "see " EMF signals.

After the information I gained from using this device, it is no doubt in my mind, that some people are ill because their immune system is dysfunctioning, largely in part, either to EMFs, IR, or both. I was motivated to purchase a Trifield meter for reasons you will read about (perhaps) later. Too much exposure to one can precipitate how you will react to the other. You can dramatically cut your exposure to EMFs by taking a simple measure-distancing yourself away from the source.

In the U.S., extensive studies showing the effect of EMFs and IR is limited, and for good reason. To enroll people in a research study so we can intenionally zap them with EMFs and IRs, and to figure out what dose it would take to make them sick would be downright unethical. Such a study would also be difficult to control, because their are simply too many sources of exposure, and its is pretty difficult to control someone's environment. Add this to the possibility that the results of such a study may not be immediately available, as history has taught us the results of environmental impact on health tend to develop over the long term. In a few cases however such as electromagnetic sickness or the sudden appearance of disease may be very rapid. In this is the case,especially if you have recently changed your environment, look around.

That is not to say that such studies do not exist. As a matter of fact, there have been hundreds of studies investigating the affect of EMFs or microwaves on animals and humans. Some of the affects of microwaves are so well-known that it has been used, and is still used, by the U.S. military. Some countries are veterans of EMF/microwave knowledge. To name a few are Russia, Sweden (which have a significant amount of people suffering from electromagnetic sickness and recognizes it as a disability), Canada, and Germany (the place where doctors and members of the community have come together to address this issue). When it comes to knowledge about EMFs and microwaves, most of the citizens of the U.S. are unaware of the effects and have never heard of the term "electromagnetic/microwave sickness". In Sweden, it is called "electrohypersensitivity" or EHS. Some people in the U.S. have heard about it however it was after they had become victims of it themselves. Learning more about your environment can help you avoid many of the woes that it can cause. My motto is- if you are sick and the doctors can't 'cure' you or you just can't seem to get over your illness, many times you will find that there is an environmental cause, who's impact is so huge, no amount of drug, vitamin, or "psychotherapy" can overcome it. If the environment is the cause, a few changes can correct the issue.

Most of what we know about EMFs and IR exposure is data gathered "in retrospect". and the exposures were unintentional. In other cases as you may have read about certain inhumane incidences in other countries where "zapping" an entire population was very intentional. Whether intentional or not however, the immune system cannot discriminate. Many of the problems that develop to EMFs and IR take years to develop, but that should not negate their importance. Unless the exposure is intense and develops quickly, we may never understand the full impact it has on our health.

So what do we know? We do know that flying in a plane exposes you to a large dose of IR, a particular type of radiation that is more dangerous to health than others. That is why you're told to not have too many X-rays. We know that people living or working in certain "electro" environments have higher rates of certain cancers than their counterparts. We hear of case studies that appear to be more than just a conincidence, such as the belief by some that Johnny Cochran's brain tumour was due to his use of his cell phone on that side of his head. I personally know of a lady who already had pre-existing lung cancer, and when it metastatized to her head, the new tumour grew on the same side she always used her home cordless telephone. What's interesting, the doctors used radiation to "nuke it". I also read about a man who was so affected with electromagnetic sickness, he had to where a wire mesh suit to work everyday. Others have left the country, or moved to remote places. More commonly, I have heard many persons who say that after talking on their cell phone, their face feels "hot" or have a headache. Even I have personally experienced this one myself.

A physician at a very prestigious university informed me that she does not put her cell phone in her pocket anymore because it literally "burnt her leg". Someone else informed me that her laptop "burnt her arm" while carrying it. Yet still, a physician informed me of something that I thought is one of the most strangest thing that could every happen to a person. This doctor said that he is aware that there are some people who can "hear radio signals in their head". Hear the radio playing? I thought he was joking but he wasn't. Although it may be tempting for many doctors to put such persons on psychiatric drugs, he decided to investigate further and came to the conclusion that some of these people did not have a neurological problem at all. Apparently, the almagam fillings in their mouth were tuning in to certain radio frequencies. He explained that he had personally seen patients that feel pain or heat in their mouth, near the almagam fillings, when exposed to certain environments.

I had a dentist tell me that certain minerals and metals in the diet can react with the almagam fillings in your mouth, and he suspect this can make people vulnerable to certain "electrical phenomenom." An understanding of all of these cases is beyond the scope of my knowledge, doctors and scientists knowledge, and the persons affected. In all of these cases however, the most likely treatment would be to remove the suspected cause. These incidences are ones in which you simply don't wait for that scientic study to be published proving or disproving this can happen. The studies are already out there. I have read many case studies already, from people who's occupation were from many different backgrounds. EMF overdose does not discriminate, although some people are suspected to be genetically more subsceptible than others.

The invisibility of an environmental exposure as the cause of sickness is what normally make persons affected by it sick. Many times when a person falls chronically ill, the first place they begin to look is diet, then they may look at their family history, and some may go as far as looking around their environment, and may be disappointed to come up "empty-handed". Time and cost is always a factor. They may finally admit that the stress and time spent trying to figure out what may have caused the disease may outweigh any benefit of knowing, especially if its not something that can be fixed. Rarely, when it comes to the environment, can a problem not be fixed. In the case of radio waves, wireless, and electricity, which generate EMFs and IR, the power of EMFs is such that, their removal has totally cured asthma in some people, reversed diabetes in others, put a complete stop to anxiety disorders, and reversed high blood pressure. Their removal has a positive effect on the heart.

Even if you are not sick, or sick from some other cause, this information will be helpful to you as avoiding EMFs can only lead to an improvement in your health over the long term. Some people have been surrounded by EMFs so much, they don't know what they're missing. Its only when they go into an electro free zone and that they can tell the huge difference.

The invisibility of an environmental exposure as the cause of sickness can be very allusive. Unlike many diseases we know that cause a person to be chronically ill, sickness do to EMFs regardless if it is the main cause or having a secondary effect, it is the one thing that you can "fix", and quite quickly to. The impact it may have on your health may not be apparent immediately, however it may pay off over the long run.

To illustrate that problems with magnetic fields can pose problems right here in the U.S., I am going to share with you some experiences I had in Nashville, TN. For a more elaborate story, on this and other environmental problems that one may face read "My Story".

Nashville is a very old city and the people are very nice, and you can't beat those drop down gorgeous colorful large rocks (boulders) you past while driving along the highway. What is interesting in Nashville however, is I came across several people who claimed they can "feel" something coming from any plugged-in device (this is electromagnetic sickness). One such lady with this problem had metal braces in her mouth and when she smiled, her gums looked completely white. I suspect this lady was very anemic. For whatever reason, she thought something was wrong with her gallbladder.

Another I met in a suburb of Nashville was renting a house and invited me into her home. Well, after about 10 minutes of being in this lady's house I began to get a "raw" headache out of nowhere, and every few minutes, I'd feel a sharp pain. While there, she shared with me that she had been ill for 2 years, and doctors couldn't figure out why. She had been quite ill and was still suffering, and said to me "Everyone's time will come at some point and if God calls me home, I'm ready to go." She said she "think" it may be the house and bought another house, then tried to rent that one out but no one stayed in it long enough. I said, "how long have you been sick?" She said "Two years". I said "and you bought this house two years ago? Maybe its the house, I dunno." Before I could finish talking though, I felt that sharp "zap" again. She tried to rent it to me and I said "It is a beautiful, no make that "gorgeous" home, but gosh my head hurts." I decided to leave. I got another one of those "zaps" on my way out the door.

When I got to my car I noticed I'd left my Trifield meter, which could measure both EMFs and electrical radiation, in the front seat of my car. I had gotten pretty good at using it and was aware of many of the sources that would give me a nice strong signal. On impulse, I went back to her house and rang her doorbell with the intent of asking her if I could check her computer or something. Before she even made it to the door however, I noticed the Trifield meter was literally "bouncing all over the place." On previous occasions, when I was in someone's home and we "played with the Trifield meter" I would always notice that in most cases, the Trifield meter would settle on a "resting position" (which would generally between 1 and 5). While on this woman's porch, the meter would shoot all the way up to 100 (an extremely high range), then back again. I think that hand would have gone even further had the numbers been there.

She let me re-enter her home to take measurements. Before I started measuring however, I got "zapped" again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the EMF hand on the Trifield hand jump all the way to the right, about the same time this happened. I purposefully waited until it happened again and sure enough, that is what was happening! I was pretty eager to find out where it was coming from. One other thing that intrigued me, the "resting position" the meter found in her house was a 12, the highest I'd seen while in a home. I felt weak just being in her house.

I walked around her house, meanwhile she was looking over my shoulder in confusion trying to figure out what was going on (and so was I). I ended up near a bedroom. She said that's where she slept. I said "Good Lord! What do you have in there?" I didn't see any electrical devices, but went in anyway and the signal got even higher. The Trifield reading had reached a "20" by the time I got to her bed, which was right near a window. In order to "follow the signal" I needed to go out of her house and go near that window. I never made it to the window.

When I went into this lady's backyard the signal jumped all the way to the right, and could go no further. Basically, the reading was "off the chart". I looked up and there it was. It was huge power line with black, very thick "wrappings", not like the thin ones you see on some streets. By this time also, I had a nice big fat migraine headache. I told her "You need to contact an electrician, or contact your local electric company. Your place is not grounded properly and is drawing power from that power line, or that power line is leaking." She said "Well, these were new homes and they built them very fast. I purchased before they were done building. I got a pretty good deal on the mortgage." In case some of you may wonder, no this was not a case of racial discrimination or someone taking advantage of the poor. This neighborhood actually reaked of wealth and the homes were beautiful, and formed a cul-de-sac. Obviously, this can happen to anyone.

As if to confirm suspicions that there were serious electrical/EMF problems in her area, as I was getting into my car she mentioned everyone in that lived on that street had an electronic device that turned on and off (all by itself); computers, printers, and electronic toys would flick on and off all by themselves at times. I eventually spoke with an electric company and was informed that this is what they call "dirty power". The man that told me was well aware of the phenomenon. He said the problem in these cases is "Who bears responsibility? The person who built the home next to it? Or the electric company?" At any rate, if you live in a city with high amounts of dirty power and you are exposed, they are not purposefully trying to make you ill from it. It is simply not in the budget to fix the problem. The effect of dirty power can be intensified due to our excessive reliance on cell phone techonology, which puts microwaves in the air.

Many of us are waddling around in an electromagnetic soup, whether we want to or not. If we "feel it" it may be that we have reached our limit, but history has taught us you don't have to feel a thing develop problems from EMFs/microwaves. Now, let's bring some of these signals to light.

A Trifield meter can tell you very quickly if you live near dirty power. It'll also tell you if there is a cell phone mast, but you can usually spot a cell phone mast with the naked eye. Whether you live in front of or behind this tower is the question, and how close. It is my understanding that the 'safe' EMF level in the U.S. is a reading of '3' (milligauss) in homes but in some countries, disease has been associated with numbers as low as 1. If you ever decide to invest in an EMF meter device, what has been previously been invisible will suddenly become very obvious, and be sure to get one that goes to at least 100. The one I used was of the non-digital type, and appeared to be very accurate.

By the way, you do not have to have a degree in engineering to use a Trifield meter. You'd be surprised at how simple they are to use.

Now, as "fun" as the above may sound there is a serious truth to all of this. After experimenting with the Trifield meter myself for awhile, I realized we get "zapped" so many times during the day it is unbelievable. I even began to wonder if it is behind some people's immune dysfunction, and their immune system "just can't get it together". In trying to keep up with today's fast paced technologies and the ever increasing usage of cell phones, cell phone mast, microwaves, computers, wireless connections, electronic toys and devices in homes, dirty electricity, and gadgets we put up close to our body, a few companies have invented devices to try to get rid of most, if not all, these signals. Orthe devices try to change the way these signals enter our body. One such device is called "a companion device for a Q-link". This device is primarily designed to work while driving in your car however may be used in the home as well. For those of you who have or plan to buy such as device read on, as there is something very important you should know about it. With the Trifield meter, I "accidentally discovered" something about the Q-link itself. The Q-link did not put out any EMF or electrical signals, however the charger for that thing (called a transformer and is no bigger than a cell phone charger), while plugged in, would put out EMF signals that were "off the chart". So for those of you using electronic devices to neutralize EMFs that must be plugged into a while to "charge it up", I recommend you stay at least 2 feet away it while it is chargin. Also, when you plug it in, do it quickly and get your hands off of it. It may sound like an exaggeration but let me tell you, the EMF's I measured from that tiny little charger for the Q-link device were putting off EMFs in a range of asgtronomical proportions. Mind you, this was only when the transformer was plugged into a wall plug, and it ONLY came from the transformer itself. I have heard that the Q-link device has a reported decent results but beyond, I do not know of the safety of the Q-link device, and what impact it'll have on your health.

If I had not had the Trifield meter in my possesion, I never would have known about the phenomenon concerning the Q-link. What else did the Trifield meter reveal? Some of you may never purchase a device that measures EMFs but you don't have to wonder where they are. I will share with you my personal "measuring experiences". One thing I cannot do however is tell whether your home is grounded correctly or not. A Trifield will reveal problems if you have them.

Basically, any device plugged into a wall will give you an EMF signal and some will be much higher than others. Your exposure to these signals is largely impacted on how close you are to it. If your home is not grounded correctly, added new technology to the home can drastically change the way electricity enters your home. One thing you definately want to know about your home is whether or not you have a healthy neutral line. This is very important. A bad neutral or home not well grounded can make everything you plug in "dirty". Another name for this is stray voltage. A dirty power line or broken neutral can do the same. People rarely know their homes electrical state. I have read many accounts in some people of all health problems disappearing after correcting electrical/EMF issues. In these cases, their health problems either stemmed from EMFs, or the EMFs was magnifying a smaller problem.

When I used the Trifield, I measured that was plugged into a wall and on gave off an EMF signal, and the larger the device the higher the signal with some exceptions. The stray voltage is so unpredictable. There were homes that "pulsed" (it is said that this is one of the more harmful types of EMFs". I suspect that some homes aren't grounded correctly to begin with, and the addition of electronic items appliances either magnify the problem, or creates a problem that was never there to begin with. Dimmer switches are notorious for doing this. In the case of electricity, either you or your water pipe can very well end up being the item it uses to ground itself. Stray electricity like this will keep seeking a ground until it finds one.

Computer screens and television screens gave nice strong signals, and electric stoves gave off high readings, stainless steel stoves gave off even higher ones. For sound systems, the signals can vary greatly, as the radio waves gave strength to the signal. A/C units in hotels give very strong signals. The space right in front of televisions, like computer monitors put out high signals, and large televisions put out strong signals at a greater distance. For every single mouselick you perform on your computer, a very strong electromagnetic signal is sent quickly, then the signal is terminated however the EMF from the monitor remains constant. The "back of monitors of tvs" was even stronger. If you want to avoid these, give yourself at least 2 feet for computers and 4 feet for tv's. Breaker boxes put out some very high signals. Give yourself a good 3 feet away from them.

The signal in a running car is very high, and I suspect it varies depending on the make and model of your car. The older cars that don't run on computers put out much less EMFs than the more modern cars, which have a computer under the hood. I would not be surprised that illness has fallen on some people due to the design of their car. Some people have modified their cars to eliminate the EMF effect but I've yet to meet someone who knows how to do this personally. Inside the car, the signal is higher around the steering wheel, in and around the dashboard, and near the speakers if the radio is playing. If while in a car, you are in a lane that is lined with power lines on one side, the signal from the power lines does enter the car and it is pretty high, combining with the effect of the car. Don't sit still in a running vehicle if you don't have to. If you take a walk, you expose yourself less if you walk on the side of the road that does not have the power lines. The power lines put out signals of up to several feet away. I was interesting how one neighborhood will have clean power lines (moderately high EMFs) and another neighborhood would have all kinds of electrical activity occuring, with pulsing, high voltage appearing randomly, etc. You get a nice EMF dose if you take a walk on a sidewalk with power lines above, and if the lines are "dirty", well, let's hope you don't take walks under power lines each day. The "dirty ones" put out a tremendous amounts of EMFs.

A dead end road seem to put out much less EMF than all other types of streets. On one dead end street I was on, they had an EMF reading of zero. Curiously, a privately owned electric company was stationed on this street. The personnel (electricians) inside was well-aware of the harmful effects of high EMFs and had eliminated it entirely from the street, so every building on that street benefitted. I was surprised at this, but he explained how it works.

Now, the Trifield demonstrated that electric towers give off signals of astronomical proportions and it is with no doubt in my mind that people who's homes are built really close to these units are being affected. When in my car, the signal was so strong from these devices, the Trifield meter will pick it up while I was driving, long before I was able to see the tower. I can always tell when there was a tower nearby. The signal from a electri tower or a cell phone mast, and the effect of the car, together, added up to a whopper. Now, a running vehicle reminds me of a big fat EMF signal you're sitting in that's in motion, and seems to "grab" a hold to everything you pass while in it. How much of that signal actually enters your body depends on how well your car is grounded, how dehydrated you are, and how well your body can neutralize them.

In hotels with wireless, the Trifield meter picked up higher signals for those who stayed on the upper floors (I always noticed some type of antennae device on the roof in these cases). There were times in hotels and well as in a home, I'd get a high signal from a wall. I came to the conclusion that there was a large electronic device on the other side of the wall, perhaps a breaker box. In some cases a bed was placed right against this wall, so a person would sleep in that bed, getting zapped with EMF all night.

In a home where there were alot of entertainment devices around, and especially when they were several were on, it was an "EMF jungle". Also, that "surround sound effect" is just that, you are literally surrounded by high amounts of EMFs. The Trifield meter became very unstable in these cases, and never found a resting point.

Finally, the Trifield meter revealed a very interesting phenomenon concerning the use of computers. For every mouse click on a computer, the hand on the Trifield would jump to the right and back again. Basically when you use a mouse you "pulse" yourself with every click. I imagine this effect is magnified when you are in a room full of people and computers.

The best thing to do to cut down on EMF signals if you would like to cut back on these "antioxidant robbers", is to unplug things you aren't using (that'll save you a few dollars on utility too), don't leave entertainment devices on that you are not watching or listening to, keep that cell phone away from your head, and whatever you do don't put a cell phone to your ear and drive at the same time...the EMF you're hit with is ridiculous ( I measured the combined effect). By far, do not sleep in a running vehicle in you're on a road trip and take a quick break, and keep any and all electric devices a good distance from your head if they are plugged in, and especially if they are on. When we sleep, our defense against EMFs is reduced dramatically. For mothers, if you have a sleeping baby on a room monitor so you can hear it cry, keep the base device about 4 to 5 feet away from the baby, as it gives off a nice strong signal. Brain is going through very rapid development, especially up to its 6 month of life. Dividing cells in a baby are vulnerable to been insulted by EMFs much more easily than an adult.

Finally, if you have an old cordless, be surprised to find out that the EMF signal is higher than a cell phone, and as for cell phones, I highly recommend you do anything but put it up to your head. There is a dew "air tube" headset that suppose to eliminate the cell phone effect. It is said to be designed like a doctor's stethoscope.

It is impossible to eliminate all sources of EMFs out of your lives but for those of us who want to keep these stressors out of our lives, perhaps the information you have read will be of good use. I think the information can be especially useful for those who have ever suffered from cancer, suffer from any chronic illness, have some type of immune dysfunction, or simply interested in removing controllable sources of stress out of their life.


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